Quality and Choice

Craftshed furniture is built with quality in mind.  We want our customers to love what they have for a long time to come and for others to admire what they have, so we build it to be beautiful and enduring.

Our quality furniture is built with the accuracy and efficiency of modern machines and yet this is blended with “old fashioned” methods.  Time and care go into our product as each piece is crafted by one builder from start to finish.

Joints are dovetailed together for strength and durability, necessary components of quality furniture.  The entire piece is constructed from solid wood including the unseen parts such as backs and drawer sides.  There are no wood substitutes in our furniture.

After being constructed in the workshop by our craftsman builders the furniture enters the finishing room.  This is where the wood “comes alive”.  With the application of a seven step process the colour and lustre of the wood is carefully and artfully drawn out.  Now you see the gorgeous grain and colour of the native timber, and the individuality of the design becomes apparent.

Craftshed furniture is about quality and choice.  Do you have a problem finding a piece of furniture to suit a certain space in your home?  Often what you like is not quite the right size.  While we have an extensive product range in our catalogue we are able to change the dimensions of our pieces to suit our customer needs.  This does not have to be an expensive process – tweaking the dimensions is something we happily often do.

Do you have a design in mind for a piece of furniture and can’t find it anywhere?  The Craftshed is set up to take on the challenge of bespoke furniture, or one-off pieces.  After participating in a consultation process a drawing will be created for your approval and one of our talented builders will construct your piece for you.  You are welcome to come to the workshop during its construction to see it’s progress, step by step.

Do you prefer the colour and grain of a certain type of timber and desire it in a certain design? The Craftshed will give you the choice of what timber your piece is built from.  The classic rimu is a popular choice but there are gorgeous options available in our recycled native timbers such as matai, kauri, and tawa, each having their individual characteristics.  Finishing touches such as handles and hinges are also options the Craftshed customer has.

The Craftshed is able to take your idea and fashion it into the furniture you have dreamed about.