Sustainable Timber

In this world of unneccessary waste you can be sure that you will not be adding to the problem.  In this world of native forests rapidly dwindling you can be sure you are not contributing to the destruction.  By choosing a piece of Craftshed furniture you are giving timber a second lease of life.

Most of the timber is delivered to the factory/showroom by demolition people who have sourced it from demolished houses, public buildings, sheds and even stockyards.  New Zealand has a long history of construction with wood, a resource readily available to builders of the past.  Modern demands mean many of these buildings are being torn down and rebuilt with modern materials.  The timber from inside these old buildings was often beautiful top-grade native wood, and now the Craftshed has a chance to create something stunning from it many years later.  This is the new lease on its life.

It comes to us looking like a pile of wood for a bonfire.  The nails are removed, the timber cleaned up, and the building begins.  The end product is something that will last for many more generations to come.

Before it leaves the showroom each piece is tagged with an authenticity card that identifies where the timber comes from and what type of wood it is made of.  This gives the furniture a history, a past life, before moving on to a new one.